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Burcor Properties is a family-run business that has developed and managed property for over 30 years.  Our primary focus is commercial property, and we lease space to a diverse group of tenants, ranging from restaurants to doctors to childcare to retail shops.  We manage all of the property that we own.  In addition, we are very involved in the communities in which we own property; therefore, we have a strong sense of commitment to them and take on the responsibility of preserving the buildings we own and manage as much as possible.


Burcor Properties has been a major player in the renaissance of downtown LaGrange.  As many of our buildings have been a part of downtown LaGrange’s landscape for some time, special care has been taken to historically preserve them.  Each renovation has begun with consulting both the Village of LaGrange and the LaGrange Historical Society to access pictures and information about what the building once looked like.

LaGrange, Illinois

Burlington Place, at One South LaGrange Road Before and After Photos













1 S. LaGrange Road took a total of four years to completely revamp the entire building.  Smaller details like the window treatments, mahogany skylights, and the outside entry lights were all chosen to mirror the original details of the building when it was constructed in 1913.  Though the process is painstaking and expensive, Burcor’s Principal Jerry Burjan believes in “doing it right.”

In the instance of buildings where few historical architectural details existed, features were added to blend in more harmoniously with the surrounding community, such as LaGrange Place, 26 S. LaGrange Rd.

LaGrange, Illinois

LaGrange Place, at 26 South LaGrange Road Before and After Photos